I love to paint still lives of flowers in a vase.  I love to capture buds and blooms on trees. As a child growing up in Poland spending summers at my grandmother’s farm I experienced the natural world around me.  I remember picking flowers, berries, apples and cherries from a tree.  In the quiet rhythm of farm life, I saw flies and bees roaming around flowers that appeared at different times. I heard birds and insects.  These images — and the otherwise silence of the farm — are embedded in my mind.


My family emigrated to the States and settled in western Massachusetts.  My love and observance of nature's beauty led me to study Art at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design.  After graduating, I worked for ten years in design studios throughout Boston as a graphic designer. With the birth of my first child, I left the design world to focus on my family.  Through process, texture, color and light, children perceive life.   It was through the eyes of my children that I would re-see all that I once knew.  Today, far from my grandmother's farm, I find inspiration through my own garden where I cultivate and use my own flowers as models.  Lexington, a place steeped not only in history but in beauty, is somehow reminiscent of that bucolic beauty of my childhood. My art today is my attempt to recapture those simpler times by observing the changes in flowers and the landscapes that surround them.